Organizational Overview

NJSHINE Board of Trustees


The NJSHINE Board of Trustees is the governing and decision-making body for NJSHINE. It is composed of the Chief Information Officer of each member hospital to include:

  • Chief Information Officer of Cape Regional Health System
  • Chief Information Officer of Inspira Health Network
  • Chief Information Officer of Shore Medical Center

The NJSHINE Board of Trustees manages and oversees NJSHINE. It is responsible for the management and oversight of NJSHINE, including, but not necessarily limited to, making decisions regarding:

  • Establishment of HIE Policies, including their development, approval; implementation, review and periodic updating;
  • The HIE Technology;
  • The HIE Services;
  • Approval of HIE Participants who are not owned, employed, or managed by NJSHINE member hospitals or their subsidiaries; and
  • Performing other oversight functions.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of members of the Board, representation from the Vendor, and additional members with expertise/affiliations to assist in the planning and development of the regional health information exchange. The Steering Committee provides project oversight, creates community goals, and measures the success of the program.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for developing NJSHINE’s financial policies including the Audit and Compliance Policies, reviewing the management of investments and audited financial statements, assisting in developing annual budgets, and other related duties.

Communications/Consumer Education Committee

The Communications/Consumer Education Committee is composed of those with expertise and/or interest in communications including consumer advocates, organizations, legal experts, educators and others. It is responsible for development of a communications plan to inform constituents of NJSHINE of objectives and progress towards accomplishments of those objectives.

Privacy and Security Committee

The Privacy and Security Committee is composed of those with expertise and/or interest in regulatory matters including privacy protection in health information technology systems. It works with professionals to advise NJSHINE on legal and regulatory issues including compliance with applicable laws, standards and guidelines, models of consent, protected health information, roles/access for system use, and policy preparation.