Provider FAQs

What is the Provider Portal?

The Provider Portal is an easy to use on-line web-based tool that helps you access information about the care your patients received at NJSHINE member hospitals (Cape Regional Health System, Inspira Health Network, and Shore Medical Center). This information includes medical problem lists, allergies, medications, and applicable test results (laboratory, radiology, and others).

What is an HIE?

The NJSHINE Health Information Exchange is a completely secured warehouse of digital medical information. It allows hospitals, doctors, and other providers to electronically share your patients’ personal health information with each other quickly and securely. Information could include reports about illnesses, injuries, allergies, medicines, and test results. With quick and easy access to this information, you can improve the way you offer care and possibly avoid serious events such as adverse drug or allergic reactions.

How does the HIE work?

The health information stored in the exchange can instantly be shared digitally. For instance, x-ray results can be sent electronically from an imaging center directly to the provider who ordered them. However, in order to access this information, the provider must be authorized and follow the same federal and state regulations that protect your patient’s privacy. All personal health information stored in the HIE passes through secure NJSHINE servers.

Who can access patient records?

Only providers who are treating a patient and their associated staff who are specifically given rights to the NJSHINE HIE can access Patient records. You can access a list of the current providers participating in the NJSHINE HIE here.

How secure is the NJSHINE HIE?

NJSHINE uses a variety of special security features, including data encryption, to make sure patients’ information is secure and to prevent records from being accessed by anyone who is not authorized to view them.

What can the HIE do for me?

Technology has changed the way we shop, bank, work, and communicate. Now it’s changing the way health care is provided. With paper medical records, it can be challenging for doctors to work together to coordinate your care. Through the NJSHINE HIE, providers involved in a patient’s medical care can share information about that patient’s overall health, including history of illnesses or injuries, allergies, test results, and lists of medicines. If a patient sees multiple doctors who participate in the NJSHINE HIE, the providers may see a more complete picture of the patient’s health and that can help them make more informed treatment decisions and coordinate the patient’s care more efficiently.

Other Connected HIEs

NJSHINE will also be creating secure connections to health care providers who participate in other community-based HIE networks. For example, if a patient is being treated by two doctors – one who participates in the NJSHINE HIE and one who participates in another HIE – both doctors could share the information through a secure connection to better coordinate care. NJSHINE’s HIE will not connect to any other HIEs unless they meet our high standards for privacy and security.